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Monday, August 18, 2008

Hello to all. I figured that I'll be the brave one to post first, even though it's fair to say I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing...on that note, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Katie Anthony and I'm a freshman this year. I'm planning on Journalism and Mass Communications as a major and I'm thinking about Psychology as a possible double major. I like to view myself as being extremely outgoing, so don't be afraid to come up and say hi! Odds are, I'll be the one in class voicing my opinion, asking too many questions, and talking far too much. In regards to the journalistic part of who I am, ever since I can remember I love writing, I love the fact that I can write something that can, perhaps, make an impact (hopefully a positive one) on society. Ultimately, what it comes down to with me, is that writing is my passion...as strange as that may sound.

I look forward to meeting you all and I'm, surprisingly enough, even looking forward to class.

Feel free to facebook me :-)

-Katie Anthony, class of 2012


Welcome to The News!


You're reading the first post on The News About The News, our class blog to which all class members of the Beginning Newswriting and Reporting sections at Simpson College will contribute in Fall 2008 and beyond. Rather than have students create their own blogs, which sometimes creates confusion among those who had trouble keeping track of all the blogs in the class, we'll have just one blog and show everyone how to contribute to it.

In other words, this blog will be a truly community effort.

So let's get the conversation started.


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