It's Time for a Story

Monday, March 21, 2011

Journalists have one main job to do. This job is to create a memorable and engaging story for their readers. The question is, how do they generate an adequate amount of attention? What are some of the secrets they use to grab their audiences' attention? According to Ken Speak, the secret is hidden within four simple tips. These following bullet points will help any ordinary journalist become a significant and profound journalist. -Creative beginnings Snag the reader instantly by presenting them with a creative beginning. Unusual situations are frequently used, because the reader is struck by an event or circumstance they have never experienced and wish to read about someone who has. -Listening is imperative Many first time journalists are very nervous when they conduct their interviews. They come to the interview with a set list of questions and they stick to it. Sometimes the person who is being interviewed will supply the journalist with an even better route to take with the story. The first time journalist must stray from the list and listen to what the individual is speaking about. The best stories are ones gained from an individuals desire to stray off the clean path. -Trust Having trust for individuals who work within the same company is key to being a successful story-teller. -Avoid Cliches Many stories end like a sappy romance novel. Predictability should be avoided at all cost. If the reader can predict the ending of a story, then they are not going to want to finish reading the story. This will equal lack of interest. By adjusting to these four steps, a first time journalist can produce a story that will land them on the front page of the news. Photo Credit:


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