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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In a new spin on the online term paper debate, an Illinois court ordered one company to provide proof of permission from the papers' authors.

Online term papers have always been controversial due to students' ability to simply purchase and submit work that isn't their own. This ethical dilemma was not addressed in the recent ruling.

This ruling was the culmination of a 2006 lawsuit revolving around authors of a research paper who found their work on sale online. The companies selling term papers online must provide proof of permission from the authors of all papers.

Though the companies prosecuted in this case are relatively small, it's possible that this ruling will discourage others from selling online term papers. 


Vote for the Super Bowl Ads You Want

Millions of people will watch the Super Bowl this year and while most people watch for the football, some of us (including me) watch solely for the advertisements. Many people can remember some of the commercials better than who actually played in the game, and Budweiser ads always entertain.

This year Budweiser has decided to use the social media website Facebook to its advantage by asking its fans to vote for the ads they want to see.

It's a great marketing scheme in itself, as Brenna Ehrlich describes in her post on Mashable. Before you can vote on what ad you'd like to see, you must first become a fan of Budweiser's Facebook page. The company is counting on you staying a fan after voting, and it can send you important product updates. Your friends may also see that you're a fan of the beer, and then become a fan of it themselves.

These advertisements have always received a lot of hype, and now more so with the help social media.


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