Blind Man Running For Govenor 2010

Sunday, September 27, 2009

By Keri Waterhouse

The New York Governor David Paterson vowed Sunday that he won't give in to the pressure of dropping out of the election in 2010. "I am not failing to stand up for my party." Paterson stated.

Our nation's first legally blind governor is facing approval ratings dropping below 20 percent. He is also one of two African-American governors. He doesn't believe that him having people disapprove of him are because of his race. He has had discussions with the White House and President Obama. He is keeping what they discussed confidential. He however said that they haven't told him not to run, but that they have some concerns about it.

I think that anyone with the knowledge, and crudentials for a position should be able to fulfull the duty that they wish. I am sure that he would have someone to help him in things that he absolutely needed help in. Nothing is impossible.

I am also surprised that he doesn't feel that his race has anything to do with it. I feel that a majority of Obama's opposers were because of race. I think that Paterson really wants to be a part of this and that if he is voted in he would probably do a good job in his position.

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Is There Still Hope for the Newspaper Industry?

By Michelle Zimmerman

With the rising attraction in free news over the internet the newspaper industry has plummeted significantly over the past few years. Internet has created a new kind of way to receive news and can be thought of more convenient. There are many positive aspects to to publishing news over the internet such as expediting information is much faster, and most importantly it is cheaper for the producer and consumers.

The newspaper industry has been in crisis mode as the internet industry has grown immensely. Trying to think futuristically the newspaper industry has thought of applying fees to online news similar to a membership for the newspaper. With one large fee the membership would last six months to a year, but in consideration with the price of a newspaper it would seem rediculous to pay that much money for an online subscription. This is what they industry is hoping many people will realize.

Although creating fees to access online news sources may seem like a good idea there are still other online websites that may not charge the fee and continue to grow as an online news source. There will still be a struggle for the newspapers and other online news sources but they won't be the only industries hurting.

The advertising industry has also taking slack due to the increase of online news sources. The newspaper is always filled with multiple advertisements ranging from cars to clothing to food. With the news being sourced on the internet it has become more difficult for the advertisers to adapt to the change with the idea of costs and amount a buyer is willing to provide.

It seems that over time the newspaper industry let themselves down in competition with the internet. Instead of fighting to remain a number one news provider they slowly fell off track. Instead of worrying about what the online news industry is doing it is important for the newspaper industry to focus on what they do successfully. Providing accurate stories that are interesting and compelling. If the newspaper industry has any hope of staying alive they need to start somewhere, and somewhere soon!

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