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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Googlezon will run a new database that will personalize the news for consumers in the year 2014. The program, Google EPIC, will feature news that is personalized to consumers search habits online.

In the article, linked here, discusses how Googlezon will affect the people of the world.

In todays world the advancements in technology like smart phones, have allowed journalist to capture moments in real time and share the story behind it.

Media is transforming the lives of the people everyday because of how fast the news gets out. Journalist have a variety of ways to get the news out to the audience but with Google EPIC the audience does not have to search for the news that fits their own personality because Google EPIC will do that automatically by following the audiences search habits online.

Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson have envisioned what the future of media might be. A preview of the future, EPIC 2014, shows how individuals will have an information database tailored to consumers needs.

Why do we need the news tailored to audience? Are consumers becoming lazy? Is the technology in the media becoming to advanced?

Like it or not the future of media is now and coming. This will created jobs for freelance journalist to help write and regulate what is uploaded onto Google EPIC.

With Google EPIC the people do not have to interrupt the news, the news will interrupt the people.


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