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Thursday, December 3, 2009

By Tessa Leone is a well respected, reliable source to receive the latest breaking news from. They have live video clips and striking photographs, sections for world news, health news, politics, and now they even have a section for 'Tweets of the Week'.

They showcase the top 10 twitter updates of the week that the CNN editors find most powerful or newsworthy from public figure heads, politicians, and just plain influential people.

There's quotes from ambassadors, senators, even Michael Moore...

"Did President Obama promise 2 have more troops in Afghanistan than the Soviets did durring their occupation? Well, he's topped them now. Sad".

Its good that the news industry is keeping current with the latest forms of media.

Photo Credited to Twitter


Nielsen Ratings Soon to Include Online Views

By Laura Reid

With more viewers tuning into shows online, media companies are now asking that the Nielsen Company start monitoring who is watching on the Web. The Nielsen Company is responsible for national TV ratings.

Nielsen's measurements are very important to TV ratings because they are used to sell around $70 billion dollars in advertisements a year.

This is a very important move to Nielsen. If they are able to track the number of viewers online, those who watch on phones, and other methods that are not just television, this would greatly help the advertising industry. They are constanty trying to find where to place their advertising, and if they can easily track where viewers are going, they could follow them and perhaps help the industry out of its slump.
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