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Monday, November 1, 2010

In the spirit of election season I decided to focus this week's blog post on an interesting article I found pertaining to the elections.

Apparently Facebook has teamed up again with app developer Invlover to produce a polling place locator on the U.S. Politics Facebook page.

This app allows users the ability to type in there address and figure out their polling place for Tuesday's elections.

Why is this important? Well in my opinion this just shows the drive and initiative to get people, mainly young people, to get out and vote. The media has always been a major tool in inspiring citizens to vote and that has not changed even with the emergence of social media.

If anything social media has brought about greater attention to elections and it even provides a means of distributing results faster than conventional media.

So to all of those people that do not know where to go and vote tomorrow, check out Facebook for your polling place. Seeing this app just goes to show that almost anything and everything can be done through Facebook now. Who needs any other source of information when you got Facebook right? Well you can be the judge of that question.
Image courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr, Jay Cameron


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