How do they name hurricanes?

Monday, September 1, 2008

By: Katie Schaefer

I've always wondered how they come up with the names of hurricanes and with this new hurricane developing in Loiusiana I reasearch and asked some people and found out how they do it. My roommates said that it's alphabetical and every other girl boy. I found this very interesting knowledge. So incase you guys didn't know how they named hurricanes, that's how they do it. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't no that. I don't know.

I am really glad and it makes me proud that Iowa is sending the National Guard down to Louisiana to help out with the after math of the hurricane. Hurricanes are very scary and I am glad that I live in a place that doesn't have them. It amazes me how hurricanes work and how much damage they can actually do. I have never seen the damage a hurricane has made, but I really want to so they I can not exactly relate to the people it effects, but definately have an understanding of what they are going through. I think that since Katrina we are being more prepaired for disasters, and are much more aware of how severe a hurricane can be.

It's a scary thought to think about hurricanes and it makes me glad I don't live in a state that has them. My deepest sympathy goes out to everyone that gets affect by the storm, though, that would be one of the hardest things to deal with.


In Remembrance

I forgot to blog this weekend! Even though this may be unfortunate for my grade, it has now given me the opportunity to write this on Labor Day. Which is an important thing, since many of us take this holiday for granted. I am not sure exactly what Labor Day means. We are really happy to stay home from work or get out of class, and the barbeques are always fun. However, I am sure that many people sacrificed important things to bring about the changes that we now celebrate on Labor Day. Such things as child labor laws and the eight-hour work day are very important to the public now, but these were not always considered to be necessary or given out freely.

I am also sure that even though battles have been won over many issues concerned with Labor Unions, many more battles are waged everyday to continue to provide freedom and justice to working people. So, while you are enjoying your day off today, think about the world without Labor Unions (whether you are for or against them). Hopefully, you can appreciate everything that people sacrificed to get where we are today.

Callie McBroom


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