Tiger Saga Continues

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By: Chris Mars

Tiger Woods has now been connected to a Canadian doctor who is under investigation for providing performance enhancing drugs. Anthony Galea was arrested in Toronto on Oct.15 and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation will look into the case.

For Tiger, this is another crack at his personal image since his car crash outside his Florida mansion. This makes one wonder how his personal image could have been preserved until now. I assumed Tiger would love to hit rewind and change the last few weeks but now it looks like he might go back a few years.
This incident now take Tiger's problems from personal to professional as he may have cheated. Was the epic win on a torn up knee really just Tiger cheating? Should his work ethic be questioned now since we're hearing this new connection?

Tiger needs to have another emergency meeting with his PR folks and figure out a new action plan. For Tiger, I hope this is the last swing in a string of blows to his image and career.

Photo Credit: Associated Press


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