The New Multimedia

Saturday, September 26, 2009

By Mallory Tandy

Multimedia has went from text on newspaper that might include a picture, to multimedia that includes text, pictures, tweets, and video clips. It wasn't long ago that we didn't have cell phones, now we are able to acess internet on cell phones, along with taking pictures, videos, voice clips etc. New technologies are changing the way we consume media. The job of a journalist is to keep up these new technological advances and capture the readers attention. This task becomes more difficult with each new technology. Less and less newspapers are being sold into today's society, a big portion of people would rather look up the news online where they can see pictures and videos tha go along with the text. Journalists now need to learn the skill of making an interactive multimedia story with contiguity. Not only do journalists have to learn this new skill but also be prepared for the new technologies that are to come in the future.

I feel like this story is so interesting. It's strange that we have went from having no cell phones or computers to now all the different types of cell phones and laptops we now have and we will only have more in the future. I will admit I never pick up a newspaper, I would rather get on the internet and go to any day. I also own a blackberry but there are things on it that I still have no idea the purpose of it. Technology is becoming a way of living it seems, people have a hard time now going a few hours without a phone or internet. The fact that journalists have to now make their stories capture the attention of my generation is a lot more difficult then it used to be, it's a lot more work now.

(Photo Credit: Tom Swift)


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