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Monday, September 27, 2010

If you've been on Youtube and looked up songs of current popular artists, the first video listed may be one from Vevo.

Vevo is a music video website designed to attract big advertisers that launched a year ago this December. It plays videos from large record labels like Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI.

On Youtube, the Vevo video usually has the best quality and plays music videos to their entirety. They also have their annoying 30 seconds or less long advertisements at the beginning of each video. In the end it's worth waiting the extra 30 seconds because it's doubtful you will find a video with better quality.

Since Vevo launched it's been very successful. So successful that it is making plans to make their own television network and compete with MTV.

Vevo claims that they are the number one site to visit if you're looking for music videos. Although MTV receives more views when you add up everything they have on their channel.

Surprisingly in my opinion, MTV is not bothered by Vevo's hopes of creating their own TV channel. “We welcome new players in the music video category and think any exposure for music is good for the industry and everyone in it, from Fuse to Vevo,” an MTV spokesperson said.

That being said from MTV, I give them a lot of respect for being up for the challenge.

Vevo has yet to sign deals with satellite and cable providers since they are just beginning. If the Vevo channel happens, I wonder what the difference will be compared to MTV. For example, if Vevo will be strictly music videos, like MTV used to be.


Twitter To Unveil Promoted Accounts Feature

It appears that very soon, Twitter will be launching a new Promoted Accounts product. According to the article Twitter to Launch "Promoted Accounts" by Ben Parr, businesses will be able to pay Twitter so that they can be featured in the who to follow section. This move would increase the businesses visibility and help said business collect more followers.

The concept for this was apparently leaked two months ago, according to the article by Parr. At that time it was only in the concept stage but it looks like Twitter has decided to take this idea and run with it.

Much like Twitter's Promoted Tweets feature has had success (many promoted tweets have been going for near $100,000), the company must be banking on the fact that businesses and corporations want to become more visible to the online community.

Full details have not surfaced quite yet however. It is expected that Twitter will present this new feature this Tuesday at the IAB Conference in New York.

Apparently what is known is that this Promoted Accounts feature will be targeted to users who would be more receptive to that product or business much like Promoted Tweets.

In our ever changing society of media and news it would only seem logical that monetizing social media and other forms of journalism online is a natural step. It looks like Twitter may be figuring out how to do this, which has been a difficult task for many. Maybe other forms of journalism and media should look at what Twitter is doing, especially if they are having trouble surviving.

Image Courtesy of Flickr, Matt Hamm


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