The iPad Won't Save the News Industry

Saturday, April 3, 2010

If you haven't heard of the iPad, you most likely have no contact with society and live in a cave.

The New York Times has found it important enough to write 80 stories containing the word "iPad", and the Washington Post wrote a triumphant 23 stories containing the word "iPad."

It has been beyond news worthy, not only because it is a revolutionary piece of technology, but because it is supposed to save the news industry. It, however, will not according to Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do?

"Editors and publishers and advertisers want to regain control of the media experience that the Internet took away from them," Jarvis said. "In their minds, this iPad is the magic pill that will make all of this Internet crap go away. Surely, it won't."

Time magazine is charging $5 a month fee for their paid application for the iPad.

"Mag iPad prices are delusional: In no form, even engraved in gold, is Time is worth $5/issue," Jarvis said. "If Time's iPhone app is free & iPhone apps work on iPad, why would I pay $5 for an iPhone app? Naked newsmakers?"

The news industry surely needs help, but the iPad s not the answer.


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