Raising prices in papers

Sunday, October 12, 2008

By: Erin Floro

USA Today decided to up the price of its newspaper 25 cents to make up for the rising in newsprint costs.  Newspapers all over the country have been facing a decline in circulation and low advertising revenue because of all the readers who have turned to the internet.  With the economy in a rut ad sales have also gone down this year.

The New York Times rose 25 cents in August to $1.50, and the Wall Street Journal increased by 50 cents in July reaching $2 for a paper.  The USA Today is still lower than both of those papers reaching $1.  Newsprint costs have risen to a 12-year high and prices are presumed to keep ascending.  

Larry Lindquist, USA Today's senior vice president for circulation hopes that there will still be a big demand for USA Today from consumers, and the marketplace will support their new price.

The price increase puts more pressure on journalists and publishers to make sure the paper is full of good information and is worth $1 to readers.  The increase could also help the paper's profits if circulation doesn't have a severe drop as a result.


What this world has come to

By: Kayla Miller

Really, is it that exiting to keep illegal animals in your home? Well, to some I suppose it is. But the fact is, once a person finds out that someone is holding illegal animals, wouldn't you get rid of them? To some, I suppose not.

A Des Moines man by the name of Larry Eddinger has been keeping two pythons, a pair of alligators, and many other animals in a vacant home. Kids in the neighborhood were attracted to his animal house. Soon parents caught wind of this, and posed that it is harmful to the children that are only going there to see the smaller animals, such as guinea pigs and turtles. Eddinger was then put on probation for a year and charged $1000.

First of all, what was this man thinking? Why is it cool to keep death threatning animals in a house, especially where kids could be prone to get hurt? I don't know what this world has come to, but I'd say Eddinger had gotten off the hook pretty easy.


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