Google TV Moves Forward

Monday, October 4, 2010

Google divulged on Monday Oct. 4 2010 who their partners in television will be. Although the announcement of their partners is a big step forward, they have a long way to go.

Companies working with Google to offer web are, HBO, CNBC, Twitter, Netflix and Amazon. They hope to allow on-demand viewing or build apps for TV screens.

Big hopes of this marriage is for people to chat with friends on Twitter, or just searching the internet all while watching television.

Big time television networks like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC are not needed in Google TV's effort. Their plan is to stick with smaller networks that way they do not have to share any money.

Google's promise is to make all the living room’s audio and video as searchable and instantly accessible as the Internet’s content. To fulfill that promise it requires a great deal of cooperation from media companies.

Google TV also wishes to be a leader in with Google TV, the company wants to be a leader in the budding industry of Internet-connected television sets, or 43 million United States homes by 2015, up from two million this year.

Watching television is a huge medium which makes it the biggest for advertising . Another potential problem is that only 3% plan to own a internet-connect television set.

Google's TV announcement was held in May 2009, and should be available to public in the coming weeks. Logitech is creating a remote control which will be used for searching the TV and the Web. Viewers will also be able to use their Android phones or iPhones as a remote control and “fling” a video they are watching on their phones to the television.


VisualCV as an Alternative Digital Resume

VisualCV is a social media that utilizes all of the information a paper resume while infusing other online media.

Although paper resumes are the traditional format of presenting professional material, online media have started to change the way employers look at resumes.

This is not to say get rid of your resume. This is simply saying to use an online resume as an alternative, and one of the social media that is available is VisualCV.

As shown above, VisualCV is an online multimedia resume that takes the form of a paper resume online, but allows users to do more than what a paper resume is limited to.

Some features VisualCV offers are a side bar where images, audio, links to other social media, writing samples, video clips and more are placed to show what you are currently working on.

VisualCV also offers convenience. With paper resumes there is a need to update, print and send to employers whereas in VisualCV updating your resume for potential employers online takes a matter of minutes for them to see instantly.

Another feature is that you get your own online url address thus making it easier for recruiters to find you.

If you are worried about the written material being taken out, don't. VisualVC still allows descriptions of recommendations, education, work experience, etc. See examples of resumes on VisualVC here.

Having an online resume is essential to have today. Because VisualVC is convenient, easy and free to use, it is a great alternative to the paper resume.


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