It May Be 2011 But Women Are Still Out Numbered

Sunday, March 6, 2011

In a recent study by Women in Journalism it was found that 75% of journalism jobs are held by men. That means about a quarter is comprised of women.
How is this the case, it's 2011-shouldn't it be more equal than that? I don't expect women to make up 90 percent, but wouldn't 60-40 make more sense?
Are women bad reporters or are they discriminated against based on gender?
In my opinion there are a few reasons for this disparity.
First, I think there are men who choose not to hire women because they are women.
Second, job availablity plays a role in which person gets hired. In the study it was found that 3 percent of sports journalists were women.
Do women not like sports enough to write about it, if this is the case then it would make sense that more men interview for these positions and therefore get hired.

Third, while the Glass Ceiling has cracked there is still progress to be made.
Getting to the same plane as men in the workforce will take time. After all women in the United States have only been able to vote for 90 years.

The next Nellie Bly is out there and I can't wait to see what she will contribute.

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