The Battle for Journalists

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Move over Twitter: Facebook is becoming more journalism friendly. While Twitter has typically been known as the focus social network for journalists, Facebook is slowly making steps to give Twitter a run for its money.

Facebook has been hard at work keeping up with the media and journalism world. Their media page, Facebook and Media, is filled with the success stories of various media organizations who have used Facebook to gain publicity or a greater audience.

One post on the page for example, reads, "Learn how Facebook helped a news station climb to the number one rating spot."

Their most recently added page Journalists on Facebook, was created to help Facebook develop a stronger tie to journalists, much like that of Twitter.

The page serves as a resource for journalists to use to help them find sources, interact with readers, and advance stories. I think this is a good move for Facebook.

Anyone would agree that journalists show more love to Twitter than Facebook, but steps like these by Facebook could definitely give Twitter a run for its money.

No matter which of the two social network journalists prefer, it is no question both have significantly helped and contributed to the world of journalism.

For more information on Facebook's new push toward journalists, visit this link. Photo Credit: Creative Commons


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