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Monday, April 18, 2011

Facebook has become one of the most popular types of social media that is used daily among society.

The great part about Facebook is that it allows users to create posts based on events or issues that are happening throughout the world or in their personal lives.

The key to being successful with our posts is what many struggle with. According to Buddy Media, there is a guide that explains when and how to manage your Facebook postings.

This guide answers simple questions such as: “What time of the day is the best to post?” “How often?” “How can you engage your friends?” etc. Here is a list of specific tips that can help improve your Facebook posts.

1. Keep your posts short. 80 characters or less allows the viewer to be more engaged.

2. Do not use URL shorteners, being that engagement rates are three times higher with the full URL listed.

3. Engage your reader with a post ending with a question. It makes your viewers think more as well as relate with you.

4. Post outside of business hours. There is no point to waste a good post when not everyone can see it.

5. Post on Thursday or Friday. Many people are excited for the week to be over and engage with Facebook more during these days.

I hope that you can now master a successful Facebook post and get your friends to enjoy what you have to share.

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New in Iceland

There is a new media law in Iceland that is trying to get passed. The new law hopes to protect children from negative content and to accomplish the goal of freedom of speech.

The law will allow for a mediation between the media, the public and the government. This would be the first law that has covered both press and broadcast media.

30 people have taken favor in the vote to promote this law. 14 individuals were against the promotion of this law, because they believe it would have the opposite effect on the community.

These new boundaries could put the country at a high risk. Individuals are unsure they want to take these risks, which is why 2,000 individuals have signed a petition against the passing of this bill.

Currently, Iceland has a very high rate of freedom for the press. Passing this law would take Iceland into new unknown boundaries.


Social Networks Boost Customer Service

Many businesses are using social media to boost their customer service these days.

Often times consumers give feedback about a company or its product on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

For example, if I bought the new iPad I would most likely tell all my friends on Facebook about it and hashtag it on Twitter. Whether the experience was a good one or bad one. Apple Inc. could then directly respond to me about my comment.

If Apple Inc. decided to engage in a conversation with me I would become more loyal to the brand and most likely speak highly of the company.

The same can also go with celebrities and their fans, but that's a different story.

Also, if the social network pages for Apple Inc. would change statuses and tweets to get consumer feedback the customer would feel that he/she had a say in the next product being designed.

For example, the first iPad didn't have a front or rear facing camera. This was a big complaint about the product. When the iPad 2 came out the designer made sure to include both cameras.

Many people think social networks are harmful to businesses because there isn't face to face interaction. In reality it can help a business drastically with customer service because the company can reach many more individuals and receive a greater amount of feedback.

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