The headlines that shouldn't be

Sunday, November 23, 2008

By Austin Bates

As I scanned the headlines concerning news behind the news, I came across one very short, very simple post that pointed out something very simple about a fairly simple headline: was anyone thinking about this before it was printed? The headline in question read "Ruler can't measure Johnson's impact."

Now, I'm sure that more than a few people will read that headline and think nothing of it, and when they see the snickers around them, might honestly shrug their shoulders in confusion. But chances are that the majority of those who read the headline will instantly think of something quite different and involuntarily burst into laughter at a very poorly worded headline.

In all reality, badly worded headlines of that kind of magnitude are fairly rare. Yet enough crop up from time to time for comedians to make a living off of them. Case in point, Jay Leno's "headlines" skit that he performs every Monday night on "The Tonight Show".

My point in all of this is this: how do headlines like these make it to final print without somebody stopping it and saying, "Wait a minute, you think this is appropriate?" All they would really need to do is show the headline to a young adult, and if the headline elicits a snicker or a laugh out of them when it wasn't supposed to, you know you wrote something the wrong way. In the end, the publisher of said headline could avoid quite a bit of embarrassment.


A change for the season

By: Lexie Hagerty

I am sitting at my computer and listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas music and find that in any setting, it helps me get in to the Christmas mood.

Next, I look at my TV, where I am learning how to make the perfect Christmas meal for that anticipated holiday morning.

During the commercials, "The Twenty-five Days of Christmas" along with Christmas sales and specials are being advertised.

I get out my daily newspaper and check out the funnies, all associated with the holidays.

What is my point? My point is that in my last few blogs, I have done nothing but critique the media for its views and its way of doing things.

This time, however, I am not in the mood to do so. After all, it is the holidays and nothing is on my mind but the Christmas spirit and delightful snow days.

At this point, I want to commend the media for instilling this delight and this Christmas spirit into my everyday life. Even though, the media is everywhere and can influence anyone at any time, it is times like these, where I don't think that is such a bad thing. Thank you!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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