Teens continue to fein for Facebook and misinterpret Twitter

Sunday, October 25, 2009

By Michelle Zimmerman

Web 2.0 Summit questioned 5 teens last week on their views of the Internet. The teens' ages ranged from 15 to 18. The teens were questioned on what they found important on the Internet and things that would change the efficiency as they used it.

The majority of the teens felt that Facebook was the most exciting thing they did on the Internet. It is an easy way to connect with friends and reduces the use of Skype and iChat because they can now use the messenger feature Facebook offers.

When asked about Twitter they replied they did not see the point in posting what seemed to them as irrelevant information. It is thought that teens do not understand the use of Twitter because instead of using it as a social networking device, people are using it as another way to expedite news as fast as they can.

Though Facebook was a favorite of the teens when asked if there was a small cost to use the website all of the teens replied that they would not use the it anymore because there would be other options on the Internet that would allow them to do it for free.

Another questioned asked was what search engine the teens used. As usual the teens replied with Google aside from one teen who said Yahoo gave them the answers they were always looking for. When using Google multiple websites that match your search appear where as the Yahoo search engine is more technical and allows for users to post websites and answers that may best fit someone's question.

It is not surprising that these 5 teens answered the way they did. As the Internets' popularity continues to grow across the world, we will continue to see a rise in the media shown on websites. Teens are the most current with this trend because it has been occurring throughout their entire generation. Teens will continue to use Facebook as long as it remains free because it is the easiest and cheapest way to stay socially connected with their friends.


NBC wants change

By: Mallory Tandy

Jeff Gaspin the NBC Universal Television Entertainment chairman shocked hollywood on Thursday when he announced that the network wouldn't be showing programs to profit margins. This means shows such as Jay Leno.

NBC wants to become number one again and not be at number four. They plan on doing this by bringing back scripted programs that will top the charts. Some have doubts that NBC will be able to do this when the famous Jay Leno is at number ten on the charts right now. Some say it will take the network years to work their way back up.

I think the network is trying to figure out what will work for them in the end to help them succeed. Is what they are doing a good idea?


Private Pages, Not So Private?

By Keri Waterhouse

The Net neutrality supporters may celebrate the Federal Communications Commission’s vote on Thursday to start open internet regulations. The regulations aren’t written yet, but already having Congressional opposition and they’re probably going to be challenged in court.

The voters at the FCC for proposing getting the new rules protected to an open internet wasn’t anything when John McCain introduced legislation last Thursday morning. He wanted to block the agency from regulation the internet. He thought it would hurt the job market.

McCain said, "Today I'm pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation.” He thought that it would allow for continued innovation that might in turn create more high-paying jobs for Americans who are out of work or looking for new employment. Maybe even keeping businesses free from oppressive regulations, and that it’s the best stimulus for the current economy.

The FCC voted on proposing the start for creating regulations that will keep the internet open. It will forbid any operators from restricting access to lawful internet contents, services, and applications. Networks also wouldn’t be able to discriminate other internet content or applications.

I think that by having open internet would make some people feel like their private lives would be open to the public. Being able to block people, share certain information with people, or even just selecting who can and can’t see things on Facebook makes the network more appealing and safe.


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