Jumping the gun

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

By: Jessica Hartgers

Gun sales are going through the roof, according to WHO TV News at 10. Dealers, suppliers, and customers can't get their hands on enough machinery.

Citizens are in a panic after the recent presidential election, announcing Barack Obama to be our president-elect. Obama is known for being unpredictable on his voting in office regarding gun laws, and citizens are worried the future president will take away our rights to own fire arms. The panic has caused gun sales to go through the roof.

The coverage of this story that aired on WHO put panic into many people, and it should. It is uneasy to think that individuals are rushing to gun stores to buy whatever fire arms they please and are stalking up on bullets and ammunition. Do people really plan on using these fire arms or are they just making these purchases to despise our future president?

Individuals have the right to bear arms, but they should be educated about their piece of equipment and understand the consequences that could come out of it.


Top stories

By: Jessica Hamell

One of KCCI’s leading stories tonight was about how a flamingo escaped from the Blank Park Zoo. They reported that the flamingo had flown away and was later caught on the Blank Park Golf course.

I don’t get why this makes big news. It is not threatening to anyone around Des Moines. Although it is something that doesn’t happen very often birds do fly away.

I have barely heard any news about how Iraq is in the process of potentially signing an agreement that the U.S. troops all be out by 2011. Why would the News not take this story and run. I find it a very compelling story that Iraq thinks that they are ready to lead their own country.

The Iraq story is more effective on people around Des Moines that a flamingo escaping. Maybe I am biased because my brother will be going to Iraq but a War should make bigger headlines.


Ex-priest requests trial be moved

By: Erin Floro


An 85-year-old former priest, James Janssen of Davenport, has asked his perjury trial to be moved from Scott County.  He is accused of lying to a court in April 2006, testifying under oath that he did not transfer assets to a nephew. 


His lawyer cites publicity in recent years of Janssen’s accusations of sexually abusing minors as being an issue.  Prospective jurors would probably know of these charges and have an opinion formed of the former priest. 


With the extensive news coverage today by different forms of media, I bet it would be hard to escape public knowledge of any high profile case unless you live under a rock.


Men denied press passes sue NYPD

By: Erin Floro


Three men are suing the New York Police Department, claiming they were denied press credentials without much explanation in 2007.  Each had possessed one in the past.


Now all are working for nontraditional or online news outlets and claim they have been unfairly denied credentials for this reason.  They feel their 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech and of the press is being violated.


Two kinds of credentials are issued.  One is a working press card for full time journalists covering breaking news on a regular basis.  The other is a press identification card for those employed by “a legitimate news organization” that don’t normally cover breaking news.  The first one allows the journalist to cross police lines at emergencies and the second one doesn’t. 


We can’t really have everyone who claims to be a reporter crossing police lines; it would be too chaotic.  Who should be considered legitimate?  Criteria used for issuing badges seem a little vague.  Maybe this lawsuit is what it will take to change it.  


No, our world is not coming to an end

By: Shauna Agan

When reading through the newspapers and internet news, it seems as if every headline is depressing. Sometimes I think the world is coming to an end just reading the headlines.

On CNN.com, headlines read, “What if we don’t bail out Big Three?”, “Obama struggles with lobbyist promises” and “Hunger among U.S. children skyrockets”. This is just to name a few.

Similarly, on MSNBC.com, readers view headlines such as, “Strapped for cash, many raid nest egg” and “Experts warn of water shortages by 2080”.

Although there are obviously other headlines that are not negative or depressing, it just seems lately that most headlines are depressing. The headlines seem as if our world is continuously going downhill with no hopes to turn around and run back uphill.

Most headlines deal with the bailout plan, our economy, or families who cannot make ends meet. A headline can say a lot about how our world is doing.

It might be the case that most current events are misfortunate things that are happening, but if all stories do is depress readers, people won’t want to read the news anymore.

Reporters have a duty to go searching for positive stories as well. Even if most of the news happening is depressing, it is refreshing to hear something positive about our world every once in awhile.

No, our world is not really coming to an end, but a reassurance would be nice.


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