Using Social Media to Create a Brand

Thursday, November 11, 2010

In class we have touched on branding yourself using social media but not in this same context.

While we want to brand ourselves as professionals, teen girls are using social media to brand themselves as being popular.

Many of the girls often portray themselves as something they are not.

If they are intelligent and witty, they often don't include that in their online profile.

They tend to state things like they are funny or they are social.

I see this as a negative thing because now some girls feel they have to be something they aren't in real life and online.

It's actually rather interesting that social media has sort of paved the way for this to happen online.

With all the profile information that has been available I'm surprised this hasn't happened awhile ago.

While social media can be a good thing it can also case harm to others.

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Another Teen Dead, Social Media Involved

Another story is in the news about a teenager who was "bullied to death."

A 14-year-old girl committed suicide after she had filed criminal charges against a neighbor boy whom she accused of raping her. Classmates taunted and bullied her when the alleged rape went viral around her school and community when she was interview by a Fox news reporter.

The man accused of raping her used social media to fight against what he said were, "Lies, Lies Lies." Bullying continued until the girl was driven to suicide.

Though the bullying was what led to her suicide, social media as the driving force behind the bullying. Her attacker was a senior, she was a freshman. The attacker posted various tweets on his twitter account spreading the word that it was not rape, it was consensual sex.

Obviously, many of his classmates agreed and targeted the victim as a source of ridicule.

Would she still be alive today if social media was not the center of the teenage life? Would she have been bullied so severely if Twitter had not been available for the attacker to spread the word of his proclaimed innocence and her wrong?

Though tragedies like this consume the media, people still do not understand the power of social media.

Suicide rates will continue to increase while teens are able to touch more people than they could ever imagine with the most powerful bullying tool in the world--words.


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