Deciding What to Blog About

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This week, I had a hard time deciding what I would blog about.

I decided that I would write about myself trying to decided what to blog about.

As a journalist, I did some research.

First, I did a Google search for what to blog about.

I clicked the first link that came up called "Starting a blog? 12 ideas for blog posts".

Paul Bradshaw wrote the article and had some pretty decent ideas. The following are some of those ideas.

1. Bradshaw said one of the best ways to start blogging is to respond to something else that's already on the web.

2. Suggest an idea and invite reactions.  It's easy to sit and wait for the people to come to you, but you have to have perseverance and reach out to them.

3. Another suggestion by Bradshaw was to interview somebody and blog about it. He added that audio or video would be an added bonus.

4. Blogging about a relevant event could also be another way to start a blog. Just attend an event and write about it.

5. Asking questions would also be beneficial to starting a blog. SurveyMonkey is a free online polling tool available.

6. Picking a fight may also be helpful and not just being controversial to be controversial. You need to have a constructive argument.

For the last six ideas, check out Bradshaw's article as linked to above.

These ideas will surely be of help now or sometime in the future if you choose to start your own blog.

As I'm starting my own blog, I will take these ideas into consideration while I try to build the traffic that sees it.


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