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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The up and coming iPad has been all the rage lately. This revolutionary piece of technology that will be released April 3rd is expected to change media. The popular sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, is taking it one step further though.

On December 2nd, The Wonder Factory collaborated with Time, Inc. and sent a demo to YouTube of what Sports Illustrated is expected to be like on the iPad. Terry McDonnell, editor of the magazine, narrates the video.

The video starts out with a normal cover of the magazine on the iPad, but soon enough football player Tim Tebow comes to life and the cover is now a clip of his previous game.

The inside cover is not only a table of contents for the rest of the magazine, but also a score board of games being played and new breaking news stories.

One of the most interesting aspects of Sports Illustrated on the iPad is that you can rearrange the contents to whatever order you like.

Another feature of the magazine is that instead of having one picture on a page, by touching the picture, you get access to hundreds more related pictures. By circling the picture with your finger, you can send that picture to a friend.

Even the advertising is more dynamic. It is no longer just an ad, but now an actual video commercial.

You can even check up on and rearrange your fantasy league.

Probably the most talked about feature, is the fact that the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition is no longer just pictures, but videos.

And as if all of this wasn't enough, Sports Illustrated is working on games that can be played while watching games.

Sports Illustrated is just one of the many magazines to be working with the iPad, but they seems to be leading the way.


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