American Idiot?...What About American Hypocrite?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Don't wanna be an American Idiot, one nation controlled by the media"
...but what about an American Hypocrite that controls the media?

Lou Dobbs, a reporter turning politician from CNN, has been accused of encouraging that which he does not exemplify--he has become notorious for his angry rants against illegal immigration and has called for criminal charges to be placed upon employers who employ illegal immigrants.

But, WAIT! What did we come to find, "The Nation" reporter, Isabel Macdonald? Dobbs...employs...illegal...IMMIGRANTS?! *gasp!*

Dobbs has recently joined the political arena telling Fox's Sean Hannity "that he does not rule out a possible Senate or even presidential run in 2012." We all know what position he will take on the immigration debate! ...or do we?

Dobbs 22-year-old daughter keeps five European warmblooded horses all of which are owned by a New Jersey company of which the president is Lou Dobbs himself. The upkeep of these thoroughbred animals require quite the array of labor workers.

In an investigation by "The Nation"
and the Investigative fund at The Nation Institute found that like most companies responsible for the upkeep of racing horses, over half of the employees are illegal immigrants. This includes the laborers that Dobbs has employed for the upkeep of his daughter's horses.

It's no secret that politicians are not always the most honest of men and women, but it is a rare occurrence that an opinion held so highly by a particular politician is the very opinion that he or she goes against in his or her own life?

How can someone who has so violently spoken out about his detest for illegal immigrants receiving work in America, employ them himself?

Once must also consider that his angry rants against illegal immigration were present long before his political career...they began in his journalism career.

Don't be an American Idiot....but maybe even more importantly, don't be a journalist and an American Hypocrite.


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