Let the bashing begin

Thursday, November 20, 2008

By; Sarah Keller

It is inevitable, comedians are going to be on the lookout for Obama to screw up, to say something or do something dumb or embarrassing. Then the comedians will start cracking jokes about him and never let him live it down. It may take a little more time to find something to make fun of with Obama than with previous presidents, but comedians are pretty sure that it will happen sooner or later, and once it does they will be relentless.

According to an article from MSNBC, it talked about how comedians are going to start looking for jokes to crack about the president. I think that it is sad that comedians are anticipating making fun of the president of the United States. Why must comedians bash our president?
According to the article they believe that it is going to be more difficult to find good material about Obama because he is well educated, and speaks very properly and wisely. It was easier to make fun of past presidents because of things such as Clinton and Monica, or just the fact that Bush said and did really dumb things.

“ When Barack Obama officially takes over on Jan. 20, he will not only assume duties involving the economy, health care, national security and many others, he will also be given the solemn task of providing this nation’s wisenheimers with stuff at which to make cracks,” the article said. I think its unfortunate that this type of thing happens, but the article is correct it will happen sooner of later, no matter how unimportant or immature I believe it to be.


Blogging was a significant aide for Obama

By: Kathryn Lisk

Even though the election has passed, the media is still examining how each party ran their campaign. Many look at the tactics of both candidates and debate what did and didn't work. 

One of the biggest topics in campaigning this year has been the use of the Internet. Claire Cain Miller from the New York Times wrote a story about how President-elect Barack Obama used the Internet to his full advantage when campaigning. 

One of Miller's sources went as far as saying that the Internet was the sole reason Obama won. From using YouTube, blogs and other Web outlets as a free form of advertising, he was able to reach his audience.

 In fact, as of Nov. 6, 6.7 million people had watched his acceptance speech on YouTube.

As we've discussed multiple times in class, the media world is changing immensely. People no longer get their information from newspapers or the nightly news. Instead, people browse the Web. 

By utilizing the Internet, Obama was able to capture the young vote he needed to win. 

The way future candidates run their campaigns has been forever changed. Thanks to Obama,we can all say hello to the World Wide Web.


General Electric conforms to blogging society

By: Allison McNeal

Blogging is a cultural phenomenon, and many companies want to get on board with this new technology.

General Electric Company recently started changing the way it communicates with the Wall Street Journal by using a company blog called GEReports.com.

This blog allows the company to share information with investors, send out press releases, and investor briefings.

According to reuters.com, GE intends for the blog to be a way of providing investors with additional information, not to replace other modes of disclosure.

"This is a tough environment, a lot of misinformation in the marketplace," GE spokesman Gary Sheffer said. "This is just a fast and simple way to punch through it and to make sure that you tell your story in a simple and engaging way."

The Securities and Exchange Commission ruled this summer that other U.S. companies may use their Web sites to distribute market-sensitive information.

Companies like Wal-Mart and Boeing Company have started to implement blogs as a way of communicating with customers, investors, and employees.

GE tested out this new communication tactic by using the blog to tell investors of its planned $2 billion in cost-cutting measures next year at GE Capital.

The company did not decide to issue a press release because it wanted to release the information directly to the Web site, where it would be faster access for consumers.

Even though blogs are an efficient way to convey information, there are some technical handicaps.

Some investors are concerned with disclosing information on market-sensitive news because some investors may be at stake.

GE's shift allows investors and journalists to seek out news rather than having it delivered to them.

Disclosing developments on the Web makes the information available to all readers at the same time, while professional channels serve their paying customers called professional traders.

Howard Anderson, professor of entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management, said that blogging will help out GE's company image.

Anderson expects more companies to follow GE's lead in reaching out directly to markets.

"People follow GE whatever they do," Anderson said. "Even if they're dead wrong, they follow GE."


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