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Friday, November 27, 2009

By Laura Reid

Advertising companies are starting to find their way around the Web, and so are shows that are now seen online. Webisodes, what these shows are called as part of branded entertainment, are becoming more and more popular with media corporations as they find new places to capture viewers' eyes as they focus more on the internet. Companies like Clorox are financing webisodes for sites like and

Even smaller companies can compete in this market. American Family sponsors "In Gayle We Trust," a ten-episode Web series that is apparently getting great viewership, although prime-time Webisodes are far in the future.

I think for advertisers this is a great way to start earning money. Advertisers need to be aware that it will probably be impossible to reach some of their greatest heights of profit margins that they hit many years ago, but a method like this can surely lay out a way to recover from losing money. Advertisers are beginning to understand that they need to follow the viewers.

(Photo Credit: Fernando Johann)


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