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Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I got the assignment for my first story I was hesitant about getting a recorder for the event I was covering. I didn't know how vital they were.

I had to decide if I wanted to buy a recorder. For whatever reason I ended up buying a recorder and I am glad I did.

My first story was covering a meeting for a proposed wellness center. This event had a main speaker but several people in the audience contributed to the presentation.

Recorders are a journalsits secret weapon. They get everything that journalists can not.

There was no way I could have remembered everything or gotten all the details in my notes. The recorder saved me, especially when it came to quotes.

Most importantly it gets a person statement word for word which makes quoting someone much easier. Misquoting should never happen!

If you write articles I recommend having a recorder in order to make sure you get all the facts straight. And that makes you a more credible journalist.


Apps On Smart Phones

With many people turning to online sources to receive their news, phone applications are great for journalists to add to their cell phones.

Phones are able to have applications if they are labeled as a smart phone. Smart phones have been a great addition to the journalism world because they have many applications that journalists can use for finding news or helping enhance their story.

By the end of 2011, it is predicted by many computer software companies that smart phone mobile devices will hold the dominant position in the wireless device market.

With the popularity of smart phones increasing, journalists should be aware of some of the applications that are offered free to them directly on their mobile device.

Qik- An application for users to capture live video directly off their phones and enables them to upload news or Kodak moments right to the web. Qik can also be used to chat live with others.

Wordpress- This application is a great way for journalists to do simple blogging, along with the ability to add pictures and videos to their posts. Wordpress also allows users to comment on other blogs posted, which is a great way for users to receive feedback and give advice to other users.

Photoshop Express- As the quality of cameras are increased on phones, this application benefits people that want to edit their photos directly on their mobile. Photoshop Express is also a great way to upload a picture directly to Twitter, Facebook, or your online blog.

VoiceTask- When covering a story, it has to be a huge bummer for journalists realizing they left their voice recorder at home. However, with this application, journalists are able to use the microphone right off their phone to record whatever they need to. Afterward, the conversation can be directly sent via e-mail from the phone by simply typing in an e-mail address.

While I have only listed just a few phone applications, there are thousands of different applications that are offered free or can be purchased on smart phones for many different purposes.

People that have a smart phone should take advantage of the benefits Linkthat come along with having one.

I have a Blackberry and enjoy the different things I am allowed to directly do from my mobile device for classes, writing, or entertainment.

Whether it's checking your grades on Scholar, reading news for our weekly quizzes in BNR, or using one of the applications I mentioned above, having a smart phone is a huge advantage when it comes to being a journalist.

Photo Credit: Bind Apple @ Creative Commons


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