Are social media that important to some NFL players?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

By Taylor Finch

Has Twitter and Facebook become a problem for some NFL players? Well, the National Football League officials seem to think it has.

This past Monday, the league made the decision to begin to put limits on Tweeting and the use of other social-networking sites for all players, coaches, officials, the media, and anyone else who may be tied to the game. This does not necessarily mean that these social mediums are off limits. But, using during games or within 90 minutes before and after games is forbidden.

The league's reasoning stems from worry that instead of tuning into the actual game, which would boost ratings for that particular game-coverage provider, that fans will instead check recent Tweets and Facebook statuses for score updates and play-by-plays from the players or coaches.

Though this will be very hard for the NFL to monitor, I think it will finally send a reality check to these social butterflies. Social Networking should not be what drives these NFL players. So guys, you are here to play football. It happens to be your job. Let the reporters report and give the game highlights, because that is their job. You just worry about playing football. Thanks.


Ferry sinks in the Philippines

By Brianna Carlson

1000 passengers on the Superferry 9, a Philippine ferry, sank. Alarms went off at 2 AM waking all passengers up from their sleep. It sank about 15 nautical miles from Zamboanga City.

As of now, 926 passengers were rescued. Atleast 9 were killed; 33 were missing.

The cause of the accident is not known yet. Previously, the Superferry has had engine and generator trouble, but the ferry company said the ship was in good shape before it left.

Passengers that were interviewed did not hear any sort of explosion. Weather was not an issue. Most passengers were put onto a navy gunboat and fishing boats.


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