Sports Illustrated Unveils Tablet

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

By Zach Jevne

Sports Illustrated unveiled a prototype of the magazine on a tablet computer. While tablet computers are not yet available, the magazine hopes this will be an important move for the industry.

SI demonstrated what the magazine would look like on a tablet and showed the features and capabilities. Live scores, video and more pictures are all features that the tablet version would offer.

There have been recent discussions about tablet computers and when they might be released by certain companies. Many believe that Apple will release its anticipated tablet sometime in 2010.

The Apple tablet would be like a large iPod Touch or iPhone, with interactive touch-screens. There have been two sizes discussed, a 9.7 inch screen and a 10.6 inch screen.

Sports Illustrated seems ready and willing to make the transition to these progressive devices that will certainly play a factor in the future the magazine and newspaper industry. GQ has already created a version of its magazine for the iPhone which sells for $2.99.

(Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated)


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