Are Video Diaries Considered Journalism?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

There are many different types of vlogs (video blogs) today. Many people consider all of these different types of vlogs journalism, but do they really share news with us?

The one type of vlog I have questions about is video diaries. A video diary is a vlog where a person tapes him/her self and discusses his/her opinions, thoughts, and experiences. I have seen many of these vlogs, and I'm not sure I would consider them journalism. I realize that this blog that I am writing now is simply my thoughts and opinions on video diary vlogs; so is this blog considered journalism?

It's difficult for me to say that a vlog about someone discussing their trip to the mall or how their day was could be considered news. After all, many of these vlogs do not impact the audience in any way. A great deal of them do not have any of the seven news honored values. Most are for sheer entertainment, and that is why they receive so many views and subscribers.

For example, Shane Dawson has his own YouTube channel, but there is no actual news in his vlogs. He simply discusses what experiences he has had, and he also makes little skits to entertain his audience. This is considered a video diary, but I would not consider this news. There are countless other vloggers who do the same thing.

I have yet to come across a video diary vlog that is news worthy. I have searched YouTube and Yahoo video up and down and still haven't found any that abide to the seven news honored values. If anyone does know of one please write it in a comment. I'd enjoy viewing it.

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