Student killed in fight at Florida school, officials say

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When it comes to our childrens safety, especially in schools, officials need to take extra precautions. School is a stressful environment and kids knowing they are safe is a big issue that needs to be addressed. When school administrators become lax on security like they were in Florida, stressful environments lead to negative outcomes. This was the case when two students got into an argument, one student pulled a knife and stabbed and killed the other one. As far as safety is concerned kids in schools technically have no rights. The main reason is to ensure a safe stable environment for kids to learn. If a kid goes to class every day afraid of what may heppen to them they will not do very well. Simple things like metal detectors, that cost money and better training for teachers so they can identify problems before they begin would help make the environment safer.

In this story the media has kept all names quiet, and they should because both of these individuals were minors. They reported on the facts but were careful to respect the privacy of the familys and school officials involved, until at least, a later point in time when that information can safely be revealed.

Ryan Fuerstenau


The Comeback of Traditional Media

By Ryan Franker

The traditional media should be making a comeback. A lot of people would pick a career in the media, because it was a secure field, and it was one that could make you some money. If you happened to get into the media before the Recession, then you did see the money, that people always talked about that was associated with people in the media. But, now media is one of the worst industries to go into.

Media was once very wealthy, people would start subscribing to different sources of media every year and that would keep the money coming in. Another reason the media was wealthy is because banks trusted these industries and were very comfortable to lend money to these industries in broadcast licenses, cable franchises, and print mastheads.

The internet wasn't really the reason to the decline in the media, but it did moderately decline the amount of other ways people were getting their media; it was the recession, since people stop subscribing and banks were being very conscious on who they were going to lend their money too.

According to some technology entrepreneurs, financiers, and retailers they believe that it is possible for the media to basically "re-boot" themselves, and start over again. But the companies that do the best when they "re-boot", will be the ones that have a strong brand and digital product. The media companies do need to invest into a good running website, because if they don't have a good running website it will hurt them even more because it isn't the greatest.


Cops: No arrest imminent in Yale killing

Bobby Reese

Cops have confirmed that they have made no arrests this week after a young women named Annie Le was found dead in a wall in a University lab basement. Le was found dead the day that she was planning on getting married to Jonathan Widawsky. The police have ruled Widawsky out as a suspect, but according to Yale's president Richard Levin said that "police have narrowed the number of potential suspects to a very small pool because building security systems recorded who entered the building and what times they entered." The cops have been interviewing people all week on this matter and still have not managed to make an arrest.

Earlier in the week the media claimed that the cops had somebody in custody for the murder but it was later on clarified as a rumor. Other news reports say that the cops had a suspect fail a polygraph test and has marks on his body. This is a unique situation because most people don't think of Yale as a school of violence. There were a lot of security cameras in the building where the body was found and cops have spent a lot of time questioning people who work in the building. I think it is a very sad story considering the day of the wedding all of these events took place, but with the proper investigating the culprit should be brought into custody.


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