Monday, February 14, 2011

Tired of looking through online newspaper websites to find articles you are interested in? Well Washington Post is creating a program just for you.

Trove is the new creation from Washington Post. This application combines articles that viewers are interested in, and let's the reader choose which one to read. This way of personalizing the newsstreams will keep readers interested in the news industry.

Journalists also have a say in what articles each reader would enjoy. They look at the readers personal interests and then base their opinion off of that.

Trove has cost Washington Post $5 to $10 million in production, and analysts are wondering if this is a smart move. This is due to the fact that Washington Post is not the only newspaper who is creating this form of personalization.

By having many competitors, it is easy to see how Trove may be a waste of money for Washington Post. Even though it is not the only form of personalization available to readers, it still offers an opportunity for them to stay engaged with the media.
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Smart Phone or Tablet?

The days of journalists using paper and pencil to communicate news are long gone. Now journalists can use smart phones and tablet computers to get news out when it happens.

My question is which tool is more effective for journalists to use?

In my opinion a smart phone is the best choice for the job.

Smart phones can go anywhere because they fit so nicely in a person's pocket.

When news breaks the phone can be whipped out. Using the Internet a story can be upload to Twitter, another social networking site and a website. This works well with a touch smart phone.

I understand that tablets like the Galaxy Tab and the iPad are becoming a tool more and more journalists are using but I wonder what is the benefit over smart phones?

On one hand more notes can be taken than with a phone and tablets are lighter than a laptop. But on the other hand it would seem inconvenient to take a tablet everywhere.

To me I can't justify a tablet when all I see it as is another computer.

My vote is for a smart phone that can go any and everywhere.

What about you?

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