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Thursday, October 1, 2009

By: Chris Mars

Yesterday, Fox Interactive took on a new name and new look. It's now known as News Corp. Digital Media, or NDM. This change took place to "empower leadership at our digital properties to operate in a more streamlined enviornment," said Jon Miller, chief digital officer. My Space, IGN Entertainment and others are all part of NDM and will all play a part of NDM. This new development has established a long-term plan across the entire company, something that seems hard to accomplish in today's ever changing technology driven world.

This comes after talk of layoff's and efforts to "resurrect Rupert Murdoch's News Corp," reported in the June 7th article by Barbara House. According to House's article Fox Interactive's revenue was reportedly down 11 percent from a year ago and costs were up 7 percent.

After seeing both articles, it seems the new approach is another attempt to keep the companies head above water. Are sites like too similar to keep the Fox Interactive site afloat? When looking at the two websites it seems they are identical and share the same shows and information. Why should Fox Interactive stay in a place where the market share is spoken for?

(Photo Credit: Barbara House)


To Cover World, CBS Joins With a News Site

By Laura Reid

The CBS network has found a great way to cover world news. They have joined forces with GlobalPost, a foreign news Web site whose correspondents consist of freelance journalists.

Many news networks have been trying to find a way to cover foreign news, and CBS seems to have found a way to have better and faster news delivered to their readers.

In the early stages of this partnership, GlobalPost will only be involved in getting the information from their freelance journalists to CBS, where its journalists and reporters will broadcast the news to viewers.

GlobalPost has no problems attracting viewers to its site, which makes a good partnership for CBS, one of the four top networks on television.

I think this partnership is definitely a good start for expansion of news media in getting better global news to the nation. CBS has really taken action in the transition into the web, and with GlobalPost being such a huge foreign News site with freelance journalists, they have more of an inside scoop of what is going on in the world. Their freelance journalists will probably find stories that normal news journalists wouldn't even think are newsworthy. That is definitely a plus.

(Photo Credit: Arvind Jain)


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