Is a blogger a journalist?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I will preface this post with the fact that this is the first "official" blog I have ever written. This new challenge got me thinking more and more about what blogging really is, and if it constitutes journalism. After doing some research, I began to agree with Gina Masullo Chen.

She candidly states that she believes blogging is not journalism. I must say she has many compelling arguments to sustain this side.

Blogging, like so many new media outlets we see today, has opened an unbelievable amount of doors for many who otherwise would not have a voice. I see this as a positive. However, that is a lot of voices claiming to have authority on topics that may not be the voices we should let advise us. This is where the problem arises when it come to journalism, and being able to get accurate and credible details on a topic.

It is a new frontier and an aspect of journalism that cannot be ignored, despite our feelings on the matter. Chen states that it is not blogging itself that is worry-some to many, it is rather the change it is propelling in the way people consume news. I completely agree that change is scary, but perhaps after it passes, the possibilities of what may come is the end goal that is a truly great result of this new form of communicating.


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