The Apple iPad

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well its finally been revealed, the ipad, more effectionately known as the Tablet was first shown off Wednesday morning in San Francisco by Steve Jobs. The iPad has a screen about ten inches, is a half inch thick and weighs in at about a pound. The iPads price starts off at about $499 and can range up to $829 for the 64 gigabyte version.

So whats the point of carrying around a big iPod touch. Well, for those who now carry a laptop, a phone, and maybe a book can have it all in one device. The iPad will be easier to carry and use then a laptop because it has a keyboard on the screen. The size of the screen will also come in handy for those individuals who like to read. The large screen size and the iPads ability to connect to the internet mean that reading will not strain the eyes.

Some critics of the iPad say that the device costs to much and is to fragile, along with the fact that the battery does not remove and there is no proper keyboard to use. However, for those who would like to try the device, me included, say that the device is more than sturdy to stand up to the uses that would be required from it.

I think that for media purposes the iPad will make transmission and reception of media messages faster and more accurate. Bloggers have an easier way to update their blogs on the spot due to the larger touchscreen with bigger keyboard buttons.


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