Journalism..what do we want?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

During the last 8 weeks I have paid more attention the journalism. One thing that I have notice is that yes everyone can be a journalist, but we no longer have to wait for "certified" journalist to supply us with information any more. I don't have to watch a game or news cast to see who won anymore. Facebook and Twitter can give me up-to-date information faster then a journalist can load it onto a website. I can find out traffic delays, hotel selections, sports scores all on my blackberry.
Today we don't have to wait for People Magazine to come out, celebreties Twitter they thoughts and events with us daily. To me this is a subject of wanting the cake and the ability to eat it also. We want to save the journalism industry BUT we want everything at out finger tips also. We are going to have to all get on the same page or it might be too late for the journalism industry as we knew it growing up (for those of us over 40).


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