Hopes For Summer

Sunday, April 3, 2011

With the school year ending quickly, many students at Simpson College are lining plans up for a summer job.

Whether you are interviewing for jobs currently or getting ready to do so in the future, knowing traits employers look for beforehand helps enable your chances of getting a job.

A useful tip for a person before they even walk into an interview is having the proper attire on. Making sure you appear neat, tidy, and appropriate for the job shows you care about the way you present yourself in the work force.

Another great tip is to be assertive. Even though our days at Simpson are filled with activities that consume time, whether it's homework, class, or practice, finding 5-10 minutes out of the day to do a follow up on an application shows interest and responsibility.

Even the little things a person does in an interview can help his/her chances of getting a job.

Making sure you have good eye contact, a projecting voice, keeping your chin up, and sitting up straight during an interview does matter. Employers like seeing confidence in their workers because it shows great traits in a person such as communication and ability to develop interpersonal relationships with others.

Having a summer job also has positive impact because it helps build your resume for future jobs and internships.

When employers are looking over your past jobs, seeing that you may have experience in a field can help increase chances for a job.

Although it would be nice to lounge around this summer under the hot sun rays, having money under your name is a great way to build towards the future.

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