Thursday, September 4, 2008

By: Kelsey Knutson

Last week in class we talked about the media as a business, run by businessmen and journalists with certain bias' and agendas. (Then we talked about media and the good and bad effects they have on society.) With this thought I couldn't help but wander to the recent issue of Governor Palin's pregnant teenage daughter, and how the media is exploiting her.

I think it's wrong for the media to make a victim out of the seventeen year old girl who isn't running for a public office; her mother is. I think the media needs to inform the country on who this new face in politics is - not who her daughter is. Sarah Palin's daughter has nothing to do with this presidential election and journalist are smearing this girl's name and face for no reason other than the fact that her mom is the running mate of John McCain. Do we as a society and voters really care about this pregnant teen? Should it effect the way we vote? I say "No," and I don't agree with the media not leaving the issue alone. 


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