Journalist takes toddler's murder too lightly

Thursday, September 11, 2008

By: Kathryn Lisk

I have always found some journalists to be a bit numb and unyielding when it comes to finding and delivering news stories. They make a living from being constantly exposed to intense situations, so they may start to lose the intensity most of us experience in difficult situations.

But a reporter from Rocky Mountain News took insensitivity to a new level last Thursday, when he covered a toddler's funeral live on Twitter

 I understand using a cite like this to report national news regarding politics or celebrities, but it seems violating to use it regarding the death of a child. 

It may be more convenient for readers to get a snapshot of what happened via a website like Twitter, which has a word limit of 140 characters, but it is absurd to cover a funeral live through a blog site. Where is the respect for the family?

The mistake that Rocky Mountain News made shows a lack of respect from those who are grieving and makes the reporter look extremely insensitive to the situation.  

As we've heard, newspapers are having a difficult time making money now that people have the internet to get news, but I hope that this isn't the direction of the journalism industry.


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