Political bloggers becoming staple in American politics

Sunday, September 28, 2008

by: Pat Tierney

With the presidential elections just around the corner, there is no doubt that this race is one for the history books. Along with all the “firsts” that have come with this election, the prominence of blogging in the political circles in quickly becoming historic as well.

Democrats and Republicans alike are turning to the web to voice their opinions and draw support. During this election cycle political bloggers are generating interest on their blogs for candidates, raising funds for their political party and “getting out the vote.”

Bloggers are not just waiting to see presidential debates on television but rather logging onto blogs and starting new debates daily. This is giving people an opportunity to openly discuss the current issues almost in real time.

During the first presidential debate on Friday night, many websites opened up blogs that would run live during the debate. This allowed viewers to blog in real time about the issues the candidates were discussing.

As the race continues the impact that the political bloggers will become clearer. For now however, these dedicated bloggers will continue to hit the web, in search of support and promotion and maybe even a little debate.


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