Relentless Media Provide Hot Information

Saturday, September 13, 2008

By: Kelsey Knutson

I've given up on the thought that the media will drop the "Palin Buzz." However, following her first official interview the media have finally stumbled on to something worth noting: her voting record. 

Finally, something that matters. 

The Fox News article talks of Palin's voting record in Alaska that doesn't necessarily add up to what she "says" she votes for. Either she is confused or McCain is confused because they definitely aren't on the same page. She says she supports something, and then McCain is caught on the record saying she doesn't. 

The media has finally stumbled on to something. 

ABC's Charles Gibson asked her about animal research money that had been requested to study mating habits of animals in Alaska, the kind of research that McCain doesn't think highly of, he asked her about her earmark spending after she claimed to be against it, and also mentioned the support of the "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska. Some things just aren't adding up.

I'm happy and impressed that the media has finally found something worth while to talk about in reference to Sarah Palin. We're finally hearing about the issues. 


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