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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

By: Brian Steffen

The votes have been tallied in the two sections of BNR, and here are the style rules — beyond those of the Associated Press Stylebook — that will govern posting this term.

First, on bylines: Bylines should appear as mine does above, with "By:", followed by your first name and last name in standard upper-and-lowercase lettering. Bylines should also appear at the top of the text of each posting.

Next, on headlines: Headlines should be in what we call "downstyle" — that is, only the first letter of the first word of the headline should be capitalized. Of course, the first letter of each word in a proper noun should also be capitalized.

And on questions in headlines: We've decided to permit them, but to use them sparingly. Remember, that journalists generally answer questions rather than raise them. Keep in that mind as you come up with headlines that help sell your post rather than equivocate.


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