What has happened to loyalty

Thursday, September 18, 2008

By: Kayla Miller

This week the MLB franchise Brewers fired their manager Ned Yost. The funny thing is the Brewers are only one game out of the wild card in the NL. Has the media played a huge role in the firing of Ned Yost? I would say yes. The Brewers had a large lead over the Chicago Cubs and with no avail the Cubs caught the Brewers in the last fifteen games of the season to steal the playoff spot from the Brewers. However this year the Cubs have been in control of the division all year long. Though the Brewers for most of the season lead the NL wild card by almost eight games. And as it happened last year and this year the Brewers lost their lead of the Wild Card. Now, has the media played a huge role in promoting Ned Yost's classic meltdowns? I would say yes, and it does not help that the Brewers have thrown in all their chips this year to reach a playoff birth. I believe that the Brewers fired their manager because the media was demanding action.


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