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Thursday, October 2, 2008

by Peter Merchlewitz

One of the best skills you can have in the business world is to have a special, attention-getting company logo that will help consumers remember your product.

So why is it that many logos are starting to look the same?

The Creative Review blog delved into this superficial conundrum, wondering why many companies are deciding to slim, cut, and smooth their old logos. Barclaycard just recently received its new face-lift, courtesy from global brand agency, Brand Union.

Apparently, all the cool kids believe that sanded edges, and rounder surfaces give off a more "Look how round and soft and approachable we are."

However, that warm, fuzzy feeling you might get could come at the cost of individuality. In such a competitive market, how can a company get any recognition if consumers can't tell the difference in your company if they all look the same?

In trying to say they’re about the new, the modern, the global, they’re in fact revealing a willingness to simply blend in with everyone else.


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