CBS Turns Down Tiger

Monday, March 22, 2010

CBS was recently one of the three media outlets chosen to conduct a five minute interview with Tiger Woods.

To viewers, this may seem like an honor. To CBS? Not so much.

CBS has chosen to turn down the interview.

The reason CBS refused has nothing to do with the fact that the maximum time allotted for the interview is a mere five minutes. Or even that by the time the interview airs, viewers would already have had a chance to see his other interviews on every local news and sports report.

Though Woods is declaring several topics of conversation too personal for the interview, even that is not the reason CBS won't commit.

CBS simply did not see any value in an interview with Woods.

CBS is responsible for broadcasting the Masters -- the tournament Woods has chosen to make his season debut. Should he make it to the final rounds of the Masters, Woods would be getting more than enough coverage to keep viewers satisfied.

A five minute interview before the Masters over topics decided solely by Woods himself, would not be beneficial to its viewers, according to Sean McManus, president of CBS Sports.

CBS is set in their decision not to interview Woods. They may, however, be singing a different tune, should Tiger Woods win his fifth Green Jacket next month at the Masters.


Julia Robinson March 23, 2010 at 11:29 AM  

I found this blog post to be refreshing, and a little comical. The whole Tiger Woods drama has become a little annoying to me, and I think it's great to hear that CBS isn't going to waste air-time showing a pointless interview with him. As the blog states, he will already be featured playing in the Masters. But, you do make an interesting point in the conclusion of your blog, stating that CBS may regret denying Woods the interview if he wins the Masters. Only time will tell!

Dana Lain March 23, 2010 at 1:42 PM  

I agree I think the Tiger Woods scandal has been blown way out of proportion and journalist are welcome to stop reporting on his personal issues any time now. I think CBS is doing a great job and others should follow in their foot steps.

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