Do we need another news forum site?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Does the web need another site dedicated to the mass media? A site where the news comes from everywhere else excet those who actually run the site? Well the answer should be no but it apparently is going to be yes. Mediagazer, the newest of these sites to launch will be dedicated solely to the purpose of posting media from outside sources.

So what does this mean for the news industry? Well, because people get thier news from places like this they no longer need to subscribe to traditional forms of media such as newspapers. As the newspapers begin to lose subscribers they lose money. The news is a business and websites such as this steal money from people who are trying to make living for themselves.

So what would some options be for the news industry? First they need to get websites such as these shut down. The creators of these sites are using materials that are not thiers. Even if they give credit for an article to the proper author they are still stealing any monetary gain that author may have made from the article. Until there is a way to regulate and keep these types of websites out of business the news industry will lose money.

On the other side of this argument people would say that websites where news is gathered from all different sources and put in one place is just an evolutionary aspect of the news industry. In order for the media remain they need to embrace websites such as these.


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