New MSN Home Page to Feature Local News

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MSN unveiled a new home page earlier today with a new feature adding local news about weather, traffic, and even local restaurants.

The MSN team says they are expecting their number of users to increase with the new feature. “In just a few months, MSN Local Edition has grown to 5 million unique users while still in preview mode, with more than 40% of those users coming back every day."

In a post by Cory Bergman, Cyrus Krohn, head of MSN's local efforts, says that most of the research done by the team showed consumers are demanding more local news.

It seems many other companies are getting the same results from this research, and lots of them are investing a lot of time and money to provide this service for users. I find it interesting that in a world where we can find news all over the world via the Internet, we still have a high demand for local news too.

Journalism students across the nation should take note of this trend. We need to remember that the little things happening around us locally can be news too.


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