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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three former Welsh journalism students are changing the way that political endeavors are being reported online. Cemlyn Davies, Steffan Powell, and Glyn Tansley were assigned as students to cover a beat on the Welsh Assembly.

The three were frustrated by their inability to get into the council because they were just student journalists. Out of this frustration Davies, Powell, and Tansley created the blog sight Politics Cymru.

Since creating the sight the three have had better reception and cooperation from the Welsh Government.

"The Assembly press office came round to the idea that we were here to stay." said Tansley.

The sights specialism and approach to political reporting has won it many loyal followers. Tansley accredits this gain in readers to the lack of political reporting that goes on in the Welsh Assembly.

The sight was named one of Total Politics magazine's top political blogs and the three creators have ridden the success of this website to greater heights.

Davies has landed a job at the BBC while the other two creators, Powell and Tansley, who continue to run the sight are involved in changing the structure of local news programming.


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