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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remember wen you had to pick up a newspaper or wait until the nightly news to see what is happening in the world. Well, I dont, mostly because I was to young to care about what has happened in the world. However, for individuals who are older than do you remember having to work for your media.

Well, nowadays the work to find media has gotten less while the user participation in creating media has increased. With the usage of blogs and social media normal citizens can contribute to the countless amounts of information that make up our daily news sources. Also people hear about news faster through internet and phones than they ever could have dreamed using newspapers.

So does this mean newspapers will die? I cant answere that question, but it certainly looks that way. Also what will happen to trained Journalists whose job is to bring you the news? Will they become extinct and be replaced by more evolved and better equipped citizens of the world who can gather information and post it online in a matter of seconds?

It is only natural to evolve and natural for things to die. However only time will tell if newspapers and journalists will ever take the same route as the dinosaurs.


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