Paid Tweets in Twitter Searches

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Twitter recently announced that is is testing the concept of advertising through "Promoted Tweets." This comes after pressure to turn its wide usage into profits since growing rapidly from 2006.

The Promoted Tweets will appear as ads on top of search results, so users would see the new ads when they search broadly for topics being tweeted about.

Twitter invited a test group of advertisers, including Virgin America, Best Buy Co, Sony Pictures, and Starbucks Corp. The ads are not expected to bring in much money during this initial phase, but it should eventually turn into a paid model.

About 69 million people worldwide used Twitter in March, up from roughly 4 million at the end of 2008. Investors have valued the site at $1billion. Twitter is making an undisclosed amount of money by providing Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. with access to messages for their search engines.

The catch? If a Promoted Tweet isn't replied to or forwarded by other users, it will disappear. With advertising bombarding our emails and virtually every website visited, I don't know how logical it would be to expect viewers to forward ads. It will be interesting to see if the concept is successful.


Leslie Hanson April 25, 2010 at 12:18 PM  

Stacy I completely agree with you, I would not forward an advertisement to a friend, co-worker, or family. Nor do I want people to forward them to me. I spend enough time sorting my inbox, I don't need more useless junk filing it.
I do like the idea of an ad disappearing if it is not forwarded in a certain amount of time. I know this isn't a journailistic reason, but I think that this will be marketing departments the opportunity to quickly research is an ad is good to send it nationwide. What a great way to see if you should invest more time, resources, or money into a campaign that may not go anywhere.

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